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Asia House O- Organization Nr. 502073 3720

 Momsreg Nr / VAT No. SE 502073372001

Mob + 46 722687780 - Sweden


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About Our Company

Welcome to Lovesten - Asia House . Thank you for visiting our website and to know about our company. Our main intension is always to do good work and make customer happy..

Our company name is Asia House OU and with brand name LOVESTEN . I think the stone is a big  memory to remember a Loves one. I have started this company at July 2007 In The name of Asia House OU at Estonia .

Our company Swedish Registration   Nr. 502073 3720 and Momsreg Nr / VAT No. SE 502073372001 .

Our Estonian Company Reg No 11404982 and VAT No. EE 101180120 .

 We are having business in Norway , Sweden, Finland, Estonia and also at France.. With production  in Tallinn Estonia . We have our stone mines & production  in India

If you order stones though website means these all orders comes to our Estonian company , since Estonia have less taxes so you get some 35 % cheaper .. If you wish to pay in Swedish Bank.. so sure we can make Swedish invoice , only prices goes 35 % higher .. Since taxes and labor salaries are higher in Sweden ..

We have our stock In Tallinn and solna Stockholm and sales partner in other towns at Sweden , We have fixed more than 2000 stones in Norway , Sweden, Finland and in Estonia I think most of the cemeteries or nearby towns cemeteries we have fixed our stones .

if you wish to look how stone looks like so might we can inform you details . If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Your feedback is always most welcome to us...





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